3 reasons to STOP using Facebook’s boost post option

By now leveraging Facebook Ads should be a key component in every social media strategy. With over 2 billion monthly active users increasing by 13% every year there’s a massive market out there waiting to hear about your products and services. Why on earth would you not want to capitalise on the reach you could have with them? After all, Facebook is, statistically, just too big to ignore. Here are three reasons why you should hold back from hitting that Boost button.

  • Boosting Posts isn’t Facebook advertising

When we have this discussion with clients the one question we get 90% of the time is, “I’m already advertising on Facebook, I boost posts. How are they different?”

Get ready for a truth bomb: If you’re boosting posts at the moment you’re not yet doing ads.

Yes, you can improve your post’s reach by boosting them. But the improvement is only superficial and the way most businesses use it is just vanity advertising. Facebook does indeed make it very enticing with ‘behind the scenes’ offers like “boost this post for $4 and you’ll reach 1500 more people” etc., etc. They’re constantly sending you those notifications as they really do want you to jump on that boost post button. It’s no wonder not many people know the difference!

Please RESIST! Or if you have been doing that, please STOP today.

When you’re boosting a post all you’re guaranteeing is that more people see that content not more people taking action on that content (such as Click Link or other Call to Action). Yes, you do get a guaranteed reach but you don’t get a guaranteed outcome or action which is more aligned to your business goals, and ultimately your ROI.

  •  Boosting posts is wasting your money

Boosted posts produce vanity metrics that aren’t going to add anything to your bottom line. The boosted campaigns are optimised for post engagement, likes, shares, and comments but conversions. All you can guarantee is more engagement and/or reach as boosted posts are targeted specifically to the 16% of users likely to engage with an ad, not necessarily those who will make a purchase. You’ve seen them out there, the serial ‘likers’, happy-go-lucky people who like anything and everything. You don’t want to be spending your precious ad dollars on a campaign where the objective is for people to ‘like’ anything, do you?! It all comes back to the main objective of any business: profit. Have you ever stopped to think about why so many people correlate Facebook fans and ‘likes’ with more business success? Interesting…

  • Boosting posts means limited targeting options

Boosting a post means you have less control over the targeting options that an ad does. Yes, you can choose to target by demographics, location, etc., but you can’t tap into custom audiences or custom conversion tracking.

Pro tip: Take action on this step today. Even if you’re not doing Facebook ads yet, make sure you have your pixel installed on your website and set up your custom audiences straight away. This is important for when you do decide to retarget your audience, you’ll have the data already there to do so.

Cool feature alert: Once you’ve set up your custom audiences then Facebook goes to work finding your customers for you with Lookalike audiences. It takes an audience you’ve set up (such as your email list or website traffic) and creates a lookalike audience with similar interests and features from the one you’ve created. Pretty cool huh?

What can we use boosted posts for?

Though all isn’t lost, boosted posts do still have their place in the social media marketing realm. One thing we’d highly suggest using them for is testing a new product, service or offer on the market to see what traction it can get or to gauge interest in it before you launch a full ad campaign.

So there you have it, three solid reasons why you should take your mouse off the Boost button and set up a campaign in Facebook’s Ads Manager. Of course, there are many other good reasons to add to the list, including the option to split test, your organic reach may be affected by your boosting of posts, and ability to expand the placement of your ad, but we’ll save these for another day and leave you with these three. Stop boosting today as it’s not Facebook advertising and you’re wasting your precious hard-earned money. Not to mention you’re extremely limiting your targeting options and consequently your business’ ROI!

Need help setting up your Facebook pixel and custom audiences? Get in touch, email us or call. We’re here and ready to get you on the right track with your Facebook ads.




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