A guide to IGTV: tips to boost your video strategy

As you’re probably already aware, Instagram recently launched its own longer-form video channel, Instagram TV or IGTV. You probably also had the same reaction as us: *throws hands up in the air*  ‘Another platform to plan content for?!’ But with a little planning we can make sure these platforms work coherently together, but more importantly boost your brand while reaching your target market and ideal client.

IGTV is just like any other social media channel, it needs to have a solid goal and plan behind it that works with your overall content strategy.

What’s IGTV?

Let’s start with the basics first. IGTV is a platform for videos only, but you can’t record your videos directly within the app. The IGTV app only lets you upload external videos, so here’s the ‘boring, but important’ stuff:

  • Videos must be full screen and vertical
  • Users can watch IGTV content from within Instagram itself or the dedicated IGTV app
  • Ideal ratio is 9:16, but a ratio as close to square as 4:5 is also supported [yawn, we know, but this is only important because if it’s any less than that the video won’t fill the screen]
  • There’s no restriction on the number of videos you can upload [woo hoo!]
  • Videos need to be at least 15 seconds long, but no longer than 10 minutes [at this stage]
  • Users can like or comment on videos
  • You can create a thumbnail or cover (JPEG) image for each video


IGTV vs. YouTube

By creating IGTV, Facebook-owned Instagram has now come into direct competition with YouTube. Although, we believe they’re both here to stay in a sweet succinct relationship alongside one another.

YouTube is a space for more polished and edited video whereas Instagram is promoting the uncut and unedited content to be shared on this channel. With this being said, YouTube has been a stand-alone search engine for DIY and ‘How-To’ tutorials up until now so that’s something to think about for IGTV.

IGTV and Instagram Stories

No, this doesn’t mean you should stop using Instagram Stories, they will always have an important purpose in your strategy. In fact, you can cross-promote your IGTV channel within your Stories with a link. This is game-changing for those (us included) who don’t yet have the somewhat coveted 10K Swipe Up feature!

IGTV strategy

The word ‘strategy’ has been thrown around so much in ‘Marketing Land’ it’s been hyped up into something so much more than it really is. It’s really just a fancy word for a plan. Having an IGTV strategy doesn’t have to be scary. Let’s start small. Ask yourself these four questions before you even press ‘record’:

  • What’s your purpose for being on IGTV?
  • Who are you talking to on IGTV?
  • How many videos can you commit to a day, in a week, or per month? (Be realistic with yourself here).
  • What do you want people to do after watching a video? I.E. What CTA (Call To Action) are you going to include?

Take your answers and see how they align with your current overall business goals and social media strategy.

IGTV content ideas

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the current King for ‘How-to’ videos. So let’s change that.

  • Create a weekly series, like a TV series where you share a ‘How-to’ tutorial on your product or service.
  • Showcase a new product reveal
  • Outline the buyer journey from sign-up, through to mailing out your packages
  • Behind the Scenes look into your operations
  • Share your weekend routine / what you do in your spare time when you’re not busy being a fabulous fempreneur!


IGTV tips for your business

Take advantage NOW! With not many businesses taking the IGTV plunge yet, you’ve got the best chance of cutting through the noise and being seen as a leader in your industry.

IGTV is relatively new, so whilst this makes it daunting for everyone, it also means there is currently no right or wrong way to do things. Our only advice is to make a strategy and stick to it for a good couple of months, to see how it’s tracking and your commitment too, then tweak it to suit your style, audience, and engagement.

Don’t think about the hefty task of creating brand new content straight away. Look to repurpose other content such as blogs, podcasts, ebooks, or even emails. Then look to incorporate bigger items such as vlogs or docu-series.

Instagram is the place to be and if you think IGTV matches your business objectives and your target audience chooses to consume content on IGTV, then don’t waste time, create your own IGTV channel today and make it awesome.

We’ve got a freebie for you to help you get started with your IGTV strategy. It provides you with an overview of the process of defining your IGTV goals, creating a storyboard (complete with great examples images of yours truly) and an idea bank for setting themes for your channel. 


Feel like you want more of a helping hand? We can work together with you to put a strategy together that’s a perfect fit for your business and customers or clients.





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