The 6-step formula for Instagram bio perfection in 2019

A good, wait, a great Instagram bio will make someone come across your account and even before they’ve checked out the rest of your feed, stop dead in their tracks and go, “Wait, what? Who is this person? I MUST follow them immediately!”

Like any good branding strategy, your Instagram bio won’t speak to everyone which is fine. You’re being true to yourself and your brand so your following will be made up of those people who LOVE what you do. These people are your ideal client or target market. but there are a few ‘absolute musts’ to cover if you want a show-stopping profile.

Your Instagram profile is like your ‘homepage’ these days, as it’s the first thing people see when they visit your account (and unfortunately) the first thing they judge you on as well.

We’ve gone and made a list (yes, lists are the shiz) of a few things to amp up your Instagram bio game. You’ve got 150 characters, including emojis, hashtags and other tags, so we’re here to help you use it to your best ability. Chuck on some sweatpants, grab a cuppa and dig in.


STEP 1: Introduce yourself and show your face where possible

Yep, first impressions count. When it comes to Instagram you’ve got about two seconds to make sure it’s a good one. We suggest humanising your brand as much as you can. If you’re a one-person band or a brand that relies heavily on who you are and your personality then use a clear headshot of yourself. If you’re a larger company or a product then use a logo.


STEP 2: Think SEO instead of your name

Where Instagram asks for your ‘Name’ this is where you need to think SEO as it’s the only part of your bio that’s searchable (apart from hashtags and other account tags). Instead of your actual name, think of 2-3 words to describe who you are. If you’re a personal trainer, then put that there! You can just put your name somewhere in the rest of your bio if you need to OR we suggest doing an intro post every month that’s all about you and nothing about what you offer. Goes down like an absolute treat, we promise.


STEP 3: What transformation your offer provides

Tell people who you are, what you do, what you offer, and how you can help them. Use a values-based or benefit-based sentence to talk about what you do or what you believe focusing on the transformation. Instead of ‘We help people use social media’, our benefit statement is about helping people use social media to grow their own businesses. See the difference?

STEP 4: Add a dash of personality

Let your personality shine through. Fun, interesting statements help you stand out from the crowd, and creates common ground AKA connection. For example, you could put here “a self-confessed coffee connoisseur and corgi-lover.” Don’t be afraid to be social on social media! There are no rules, just be your most authentic self.


STEP 5: Give them an obvious way to get in touch

You’d be surprised at how obvious this one is, yet how often it gets overlooked. Prefer email over DMs? Tell your followers that and include it in your bio. Have a brick and mortar business? Put your address and opening hours first and foremost so your followers can find you at a glance.

STEP 6: ALWAYS include that Call To Action (CTA)

People need to be told what to do… Sounds weird, right? But it’s true! The simple act of telling someone ‘to click a link’ or ‘head to XYZ’ can drive significant action. Use the weblink option in your bio wisely. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your homepage. In fact, we recommend you use it to direct your followers to that kick-ass blog post you’ve just written, get people to sign up to your email list, or download your freebie. The options are endless! You could also create a stand-alone page on your website to house your Instagram links so traffic goes to your own website rather than a third party such as Linktree or (You’ve worked too hard for that!)


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