[HOW TO] use Instagram Stories to get your audience to Know, Like and Trust you.

Instagram Stories is huge for growing that ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ factor for your business. But you already know that. You’re smart.


With so many people (many experts included) forever proclaiming it’s all about how many followers you have and on a constant pursuit to get that fancy ‘K’ behind your number, it’s no surprise you may not know where to start, you have no idea what to post, or worse, you might be about to give up entirely!


But WAIT! Before you close the screen and run for the hills. What if we said it’s got 0% to do with follower count, much more than crafting compelling posts, much more than just sharing value, much more about sales, but 100% to do with cultivating connection and fostering engagement with your ideal client? Because if you nail that part day in and day out, the sales, customers and clients will come. We promise.



Remember, Instagram Stories is a SOCIAL platform


Start thinking of your followers as your friends. Because that’s what they should be and how you want to come across to them is as if you were talking to your best friend.


What would that look like?


You’d probably pour your love into the platform and invest genuine time into your community without the dollar signs hovering above each reply or comment.


You’d probably get a little more vulnerable and share more of the intimate stories behind your business and personal life.


You’d probably connect at that human level as well as a ‘trainer’ / ‘expert’ / ‘coach’ level.


Really connect on your Instagram Stories, on that human level.


Share who you are. This is your ultimate superpower and it comes when you don’t just share what you do and how you help people (although that’s VERY important too), but when you let people in on who you are as a person.


It’s SO important to remember behind every screen there’s a human building a business and it’s built on human connection. Whether you like to admit it or not, this is your value as a business owner as it’s YOU who’s selling the service. Sharing who you are gives potential clients and customers a view into your world, but most importantly, your thoughts. And often this is the way potential clients can tell if they want to work with you.


There’s only one of you and only one story like yours and THAT is how you stand out from all the noise and competition online.


Share pieces of yourself to create connection and humanise your business


People don’t buy your ‘what’, they buy your ‘why’. Your big WHY is also known as your brand story and it’s unique to you. It shows the level of authenticity your audience is drawn to and makes you stand out from the crowd.


How do you find your brand story? Begin by asking yourself questions like:


What inspired you to start your business?

What led you to where you are today?

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Why do you do what you do?


There is only one YOU so use your unique brand story throughout your content and it will resonate with your audience.


Storytelling matters because it makes things memorable.  Did you know people are more likely to remember a story than a product name? Crazy huh?


Instagram Stories doesn’t just have to be a place for interesting or inspiring stories, fun and quirky things such as your love of Master Chef, your smoothie or stationery obsession. They all have a place in your Stories too because these are fun connection points and that’s part of what makes up you.


(Have we brought the warm fuzzies in today’s blog or WHAT?!)


These kinds of things may seem ‘silly’ or ‘boring’ to you, but they’re incredible drivers for building relationships with your audience and growing your ‘know-like-and-trust’ factor.


AND when it comes time to sell, your tribe already knows you, what you’re about and trusts you so much more.


Bottom line, girlfriend: We buy from people we know, like and trust.




Get comfortable showing your face on your Instagram Stories


If there’s one thing you do on Instagram Stories, let it be this. Practice your ‘talking-head’ (technical speak for ‘turn the camera on yourself and film’). When you share your face you humanise your business instantly.


In order for people for truly understand and admire you and your services they need to know the person behind it too! Yes, it might be uncomfortable, but this will pay off instantly and is a ‘quick win’ in a sense of engagement. Human connection is powerful.


Pair your ‘talking-head’ with snapshots of your life and your workplace and you’ve got a combination that’s deadly (metaphorically, of course).


Sharing snapshots and videos of your workplace and things you use daily for work – laptop, your journal, home kitchen, camera, perhaps that fave local cafe – it helps paint a picture of what it’s like working with you.


Sharing your life happening as it would normally – behind the scenes at your office, cooking dinner, at the gym, grocery shopping – creates immense connection.


You can’t be a ‘crowdpleaser’ and attract everyone


We’ve discussed this one before and we’ll keep talking about it because it’s SO important. Attracting your ideal client does mean you won’t be able to please everyone. But it means your message is strong, bold and intentional as it’s targeted to your ideal client and no one else.


Therefore (said in a posh professor-like tone), your content must speak to her/him (your dream customer / ideal client) and most of all, reflect YOU. Talk to him/her about your services and your own journey. Inspire them with your stories. Share your real life and your business life. Share valuable content that helps her.


Do all these things consistently and you’ll attract and genuinely befriend him/her. And the more you attract people who love your content and connect  – we’re talking about connecting with YOU – the more you’ll attract people who want to interact and engage. And (the moment of truth) when the time comes, buy from you!




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